Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lot's of Lovin'

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to get together with my wonderful family and celebrate Valentines day! One of the best parts of the night is when all of our kids share Valentines! This year Cade wanted to "make a box of chocolates for everyone" knowing just how helpful he could be I opted to make little 3x3 nugget boxes. That seems like just enough chocolate for the little ones and doubles as an easy tic tac toe board in a pinch :)

Here are 4 of the 5 boxes I made, I forgot to get a picure of my little love bug :(

This box was for the little boys, I used a digi stamp from Pink Cat Studio called Rex ate the Valentines, I'm pretty sure Cade picked this one just because he liked the name! I used paper from October Afternoon, green bakers twine and part of a starbucks cup holder! Love those things!
This box was for the older boys and using a stamp from Tiddlyinks! Can you guess his name??? Yup, You Rock! I had used this one on lunch notes for Cade at the begining of the year and he thought it was "cool enough for the boys :) I used some Recollections paper, but nothing to sparkly for the guys!
This box was for the baby girls. This stamp was actually a Valentines freebie from Dustin Pike. A little paper from October afternoon and some random Valentines's paper ( is it bad if you can't even remember where it came from anymore?) I did have a black red and purple box for my "big" girls but alas no photo. I did use Lily LoveBug from Pink Cat Studio on them though. She is just TOO cute!
And finally the boxes for my sassy big girls! The stamp is from Simply Betty Stamps, and her name is Rio. Paper by let's see can you guess yet?...October Afternoon, and a little bit of lace to lighten it up! I hope you enjoyed these Valentines just as much as I loved making them! The absolute best part was my wonderful hubby even offered to help and wrapped a mojority of the 140 nuggets we needed to use!! LOL it was hilarious to watch him fight my tape roll, but so helpful!


  1. I saw the bug one over at eighteen25, so cute all of them!! am starting a notebook for next year's V-day ideas. What did you use for the part the candy sits in?

  2. Curses!! I never knew such cute digi stamps existed. Thanks for the new addiction :).

    Just subscribed on google reader. Looking forward to seeing more fabulous ideas.

  3. This is so totally cool. You are amazing!!!!

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  5. Oh how neat...what a great job you did!!!

    By the way I am a new follower.


  6. Did you make the boxes? If so, would you share where to get it. I made nuggets for Valentine's (very similar to yours) but I never did find a box that would fit.

  7. Yes, how did you make the boxes?? Please share. Did I miss that in the directions???

  8. wow..gorgeous boxes!!! I just love those boxes. This is really great work. How nicely you've made this one...I love those four boxes,especially the monkey design.. Thanks for this great post. Magento Themes